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Allergies and Asthma affect millions of Americans.
Symptoms of allergies range from making you miserable to putting you at risk for life threatening reactions. At Allergy and Asthma Inc. we are committed to helping patients improve the quality of their lives with effective treatment of allergies and asthma.
In our practice, we diagnose and treat patients with asthma and allergies. These allergies include environmental, animal, food and stinging insects. We also specialize in the treatment of pet allergies, mold allergies, ragweed (hay fever) allergy, latex allergy, skin allergies, eye allergies, hives, angioedema, recurrent sinus infections, rhinitis and more.

If you are suffering from any of these problems and need an experienced Ohio allergist for relief from your allergies contact our offices for an immediate appointment.
We provide personalized high quality care with:
• Over 17 years of experience treating adults
  and children.
• Immediate appointments.
• Evening hours for appointments and allergy   injections.
• Four convenient central Ohio locations.
- Columbus East | Grove City | Lancaster | Logan

We welcome patients from surrounding communities of Newark, Athens, Reynoldsburg, Gahanna, Pickerington and Nelsonville.