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Asthma Specialist in Columbus

Asthma Specialist Columbus Asthma is a chronic medical condition affecting an estimated 17 million people living in the United States today.

Asthma specialist Dr. H.C. Nataraj at Allergy & Asthma, Inc., is committed to helping patients improve the quality of their lives by providing personalized care for asthma and allergy sufferers in the Columbus area.

Dr. Nataraj is board-certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, as well as the American Board of Internal Medicine, and has been in practice in the Columbus area for over 20 years.

Asthma Specialist Providing Personalized Care

Caused by the constriction and inflammation of the airways, Asthma is most commonly marked by::

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Wheezing while breathing

While there is no cure, a professional asthma specialist like Dr. Nataraj can diagnose and control symptoms through recommended mediations and avoiding triggers. Long-term medications treat and control your asthma so you can live a normal life. Controlling your allergies is the first step to controlling asthma. An asthma specialist can help you determine your allergies and prescribe an effective treatment plan.

Call 614-864-3736 today and talk to an asthma specialist in the Columbus area at Allergy & Asthma, Inc., about controlling your asthma. Or simply fill out the form to the right and a knowledgeable representative will respond shortly.

Chronic Asthma Treatable by Asthma Specialist

Asthma is a medical condition that does not goes away. Airway inflammation is more likely to occur and become severe the longer it goes untreated.

A high percentage of asthmatic patients suffer from allergies. For people with allergic asthma, identifying and treating allergies is instrumental in treating asthma. An allergy specialist like Dr. Nataraj can help determine allergies and prescribe an effective treatment plan.

For treatment, it is important to recognize asthmatic "triggers". Airway inflammation may always be there, even when you are seemingly symptom-free.

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