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Asthma Specialist in Lancaster

Finding the Right Asthma Specialist in the Lancaster Area

Asthma Specialist Lancaster

Here at Allergy & Asthma, Inc., we know how hard it can be to find an asthma specialist you can trust. Our asthma specialists have been providing asthma care for over 20 years in the Lancaster area. We know that there is no cure for asthma, but there are many ways to help keep asthma under control, so that you can live a much healthier life. Asthma specialists at Allergy & Asthma, Inc. work to find the triggers that may set off the asthma attacks and thus cause your symptoms. Many times those who suffer from asthma also suffer from allergies as well. Our asthma specialists and allergy specialists can help with both to ensure you are healthy and breathing easier in no time. Call our Lancaster office today for one of our asthma specialists at (740) 654-8623.

Our Asthma Specialists in Lancaster and What They Look For In Asthma Sufferers

Everyone has different triggers that set off their asthma attacks, so our asthma specialists in Lancaster work to find out what those triggers are for each individual person so that those triggers can be avoided and/or treated as need be. Asthma specialists look for signs of shortness of breath, chest tightening, wheezing or coughing while or after exercising. Each of these can be signs of asthma. Our asthma specialists then work to decide what is causing the symptoms. Some asthma triggers include: exercise, plants, mold, pet dander, pollen, and more. Once the trigger or triggers have been found, the asthma specialist can then choose the proper treatment. Not treating asthma can lead to very serious health issues later on, including lung constriction, inflammation or even possibly losing a lung. Consult one of our asthma specialists in Lancaster about your asthma symptoms and start your road to feeling healthier, and happier because of it.

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