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Dr. H. C. Nataraj

For effective and safe treatments of allergies in both adults and children, it’s important to meet with an Allergist. An Allergist, like Dr. H.C. Nataraj based in Columbus, OH, can tell you what you are allergic to in both environmental allergens and food allergies. The most important thing about meeting with your allergist is the education on handling allergies, and managing a reaction safely. Let experienced allergist Dr. Nataraj educate and treat your allergies so you can enjoy your everyday life.

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Why Consult An Allergist

In Columbus, OH, there are many environmental allergies that people can be exposed to. Being in the Midwest, we have very high pollen counts every year and this can aggravate allergies very much if left untreated. When your allergist prescribed daily medications to counter the allergens, it’s stopping your body’s physical reactions for the most part but medications can only do so much. You should avoid any of your known allergens as much as possible that were outlined by your Allergist in your evaluation.

Having an allergy assessment done, like a scratch testing, can inform both you and your professional allergist in Columbus about what you could have a reaction to. If you had a reaction and were rendered unconscious, your medical records would hold the key to helping you. There are also medical bracelets and cards you can have on you to let medical staff know you are allergic to certain things, even medications.

Why Get Professional Allergy Treatment from an Allergist

Allergies, if left untreated, can cause symptoms that make it difficult for you to function. You could simply lose productivity and the ability to concentrate. In extreme cases, you could be left unconscious or not breathing from an allergen that could have been simply treated. An allergist is the one doctor that can identify and treat your allergies properly with minimal side effects from medications or treatments.

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