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Dr. H. C. Nataraj

Living with asthma doesn’t have to be a hard life or even an uneventful one when you have experienced asthma specialist Dr. Nataraj to help you treat and manage your asthma. Our board certified asthma specialist Dr. Nataraj has been successfully diagnosing and treating asthma and asthma symptoms for years. Asthma is not the same for every person, nor should it be treated the same.

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Why Get Evaluated By An Asthma Specialist

There are multiple influences that could cause an asthma attack or reaction such as allergies, exercise-induced asthma, and nocturnal asthma. Our Asthma Specialist, Dr. Nataraj can help diagnose your type of asthma and treat it accordingly.

Types of Treatments An Asthma Specialist Could Recommend

While there is no definitive cure for asthma, an asthma specialist might control asthmatic reactions with medications and trigger avoidance training. If you know something like perfumes trigger your asthma, be mindful and aware of your surroundings for perfumes and make conscious efforts to avoid exposure. By changing your route while shopping to avoid the perfume and cologne counter is a simple step to help lessen asthma reactions to such a trigger.

Make friends and family members aware of your triggers and in most cases they will help you avoid the triggers as well. The most popular medications for asthma are inhalers with various steroid based medications to reduce inflammation and restrictions in your airway. A nebulizer is another at-home medication delivery device to vaporize medications that are inhaled.

Who Should See An Asthma Specialist

If you or someone you know has trouble breathing after minimal or moderate exercise it’s recommended to see an Asthma Specialist if undiagnosed. If you or someone you know coughs around certain pets or certain near flowers, an asthma specialist should be consulted. Also if you or someone you know stresses to breath or breathes irregularly while sleeping, they or you should seek an Asthma Specialist consult.

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